Over 5000 Gearboxes In Stock


MYM Autoworld is the leading Importers of Used Engines and Used Gearboxes in South Africa.

Our Used engines and gearboxes are imported from USA, Germany, Switzerland, UK and Japan Auto industries  that is just to name a few of our suppliers.

We wholesale and retail used engines and gearboxes to workshops, garages and motor spares nationwide.

We are stockists of secondhand low mileage engines and gearboxes
Due to the fact that we import directly from our suppliers, we are able to market our engines and gearboxes at cheap and affordable prices, resulting in MYM holding a substantial share in the motor industry.

All our units are sold as used complete engines ie. With starter, alternator, power steering pumps, aircon pumps (where applicable) and also as a head and block.

We stock a large variety of used low mileage engines and used low mileage gearboxes for all makes of vehicles such as, Toyota, Lexus, BMW, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Opel, Ford, Hyundai, Volkswagen, and Subaru.amongst a few model
All our used engine  are guaranteed to give our customers peace of mind that the used engines are a can be fitted to the vehicles without a risk, offering a peace of mind purchase.

Our used engines are checked and tested for faults prior to the sale of the engine.

We also stock a full range of used parts for any engines, i.e. cylinder heads, blocks, starters, alternators, Turbo etc.

All our used engines and used gearboxes carry a warranty so customers are ensured peace of mind when buying an engines or gearboxes from us.