Terms and conditions

I) Gearboxes carry a 7 Day warranty from date of purchase

2) Engines carry a 30 day Warranty from date of purchase

3) Flush and clean radiator

4) Replace with new thermostat

5) Replace Oil / Oil Filter/ Air Filter

6) Replace Cam Belt & Fan Belts

7) Do not open or tamper with Engine

8) Engines & Gearboxes must be fitted by Approved Mechanic

9) Gearboxes must be Filled with new oil
(If any of the above from point 3-8 is not done, this will nullify the Warranty)

I 0) Engines will be fitted with a Heat Tac
If Heat Tac is Removed or Melted Guarantee will be Nill

I I) Company will not be responsible for labour charges

12) The Company will not be held responsible for courier charges

13) All engines must be registered within 21days from date of invoice, Failing to do so will incur a penalty of R200.00 for an invoice

14) Refunds will only be made if a replacement engine and gearbox is not available

15) Refunds will be given within 72 hours from returning Engine or Gearbox subject to terms and conditions.

I 6) A R 200.00 will be charged for re-print on loss of invoice

17) If an Engine or Gearbox is lay-byed/ deposited the same product will only be kept for 30 days.