VOLVO 440K 1.7LB18EP
85-93 VOLVO 2.3LB230F
93-95 VOLVO 2.3LB230FB
94-98 VOLVO 2.3LB230FK
85-98 VOLVO 2.3LB230FT
96-99 VOLVO S40/V40 1.6LB4164 S
96-99 VOLVO S40/V40 1.8LB4184S
96-99 VOLVO S40/V40 1.8LB4184S2
97-00 VOLVO S40/V40 1.9LB4194T
95-     VOLVO S40 /V40 2.0LB4204
95-04 VOLVO S40/V40 2.0LB4204S
95-04 VOLVO S40/V40 2.0LB4204S2
08-12 VOLVO V50/C30/S40/V70/S70 2.0LB4204S3
00-03 VOLVO S40/V40 2.0LB4204T
00-03 VOLVO S40/V40 2.0LB4204T2
00-03 VOLVO S40/V40 2.0LB4204T3
00-04 VOLVO S40/V40 2.0L 16VB4204T5
        VOLVO S60 S80 T5B4204T7 DUAL SENDSOR TOP
           VOLVO S70/V70 2.0L 16VB5202S
97-00 VOLVO S70/V70 2.0LB5204T
93-96 VOLVO VOLVO 850 2.3LB5234T
97-04 VOLVO C70/V70/S70 2.3LB5234T3
          VOLVO S60 2.4LB5244T5
97-     VOLVO V70 2.3LB5234T6
00-09 VOLVO S60/70/80 /V70 2.4LB5244S
            VOLVO S40 2.4LB5244S PLASTIC
00-09 VOLVO S60/70/80 /V70 2.4LB5244S2
           VOLVO S60/S80/V70 2.4LB5244T
           VOLVO S60/S80/V70 2.4LB5244T3
96      VOLVO 850/S70 2.5LB5252S
96-99 VOLVO 850/V70/C70/S70 2.5LB5254S
99-07 VOLVO V50/C70/S40/S80/V70/S70/VC70 2.5LB5254T
99-07 VOLVO V50/C70/S40/S80/V70/S70/VC70 2.5LB5254T2
95-98 VOLVO 960/S90/V90 2.5LB6254S
99-00 VOLVO S80 2.8LB6284T
98-90  VOLVO S80 2,9 T6 B6294T
96-     VOLVO S90/V90 2.9-3.0LB6304S
            VOLVO V50 V60 1.6L DIESELD4164T       10JB
           VOLVO C30/C70/FORD KUGA 2.OL DIESELD4204T
03-10  VOLVO S60/S80 2.4L TD D5244T

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